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Dog Breeding and Gestational Care

Choosing the right male for breeding is a necessary and important step. We need to avoid consanguinity, so know more about the breeding dog and its genealogy.  We should keep an eye on healthy physical appearance of the male and smaller size male compared to the female is more preferred. …

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Contraception in dogs

Though it would be welcoming to have a baby of our dogs, but sometimes, we feel like delaying it would be more appropriate in situation like the canine is just a year old or you feel it is not matured yet.  If the pair already have their own babies and …

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Physiology of Dog Reproduction

The sexual cycle in dogs includes the time of heat and the times of resting. Female Dog Female dogs have 2 periods of heat a year, every 6 months that lasts about 2 to 3 weeks each. Their first heat appears between 6 and 15 months after birth and they can …

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